Mauni Amavasya

Today, January 24th, is known as Mauni Amavasya in Vedic Astrology. Mauni means absolute silence and amavasya means to dwell together. So on this day we should live or dwell together in silence. Chandra is the moon god is the ruling deity of the mind, and when the moon is not present in the sky, it is said that the mind is not able to make decisions easily, and in general oscillates more frequently. 

It is an auspicious day to spend time in silence for all or half of your day, or at least allowing time for meditation, since most of us aren’t able to abstain from silence for extended periods of time. Yogis are recommended to limit their activities, especially powerful asana as well as abstaining from electronics (social media!), writing and reading, talking and listening to music. You can perform silent japa mala, engage in yoga nidra or extended savasana, take a slow walk in the woods, soak in a bath, and of course, sit in meditation. 

You can chant mantra silently, either with your mala performing japa mala or simply in silent meditation. Mantra means literally mind tool. And so on this new moon day when our mind may feel especially out of control, we can use a mind tool to distill our thoughts. A simple mantra you can use is so hum. So hum translates to I am that, and that is the universe or ultimate reality. When you chant this mantra you are identifying yourself with the ultimate reality, or ultimate consciousness. 

May we all take some time today to sit in silence, ease the distractions of the mind and dwell together in universal consciousness. Shanti Om. 

If you are interested in japa mala check out this video which will show you how to use your mala correctly. 

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